Movement is an action,  a type of evolution. You move from one home to another,  you move between people (literally and metaphorically),  you move on, or you don’t…. 

Life is full of moves and actions. Air,  the sun, the earth, time. 

I usually find the  idea of movement a good and positive thing. But, there are other times that isn’t one of the greatest things; when you have to move away from something, or towards something you don’t really want to…. 

Living with OCD (no.3)

OCD is about anxiety. OCD makes you feel uncomfortable, almost all the time.
But there comes a time, or at least it came for me, that you have to make peace with it. It’s always better living with a friend than with an enemy.

That time came for me after a trigger. At that point I decided to work together with my OCD. In a kind of collaboration.

The trigger that was followed by this idea was a taxi that didn’t pass my “OCD test” (well, you can’t live in a totally clean big city after all…!). Instead of freaking out, I managed to stay calm (my pills help a lot in this), not having a anxiety attack. Then I decided to open my sketchbook and start drawing trigger-inspired pieces, with shapes that reminded me of stains. By the way I hate stains, even as a word.

The experiment worked really nice and I’m still working with it. It helps me get more comfortable with dirt, stains and triggers, and prove to myself that I can create some kind of friendship with my anxiety disorder.

Seeing the positive side

Well,  yeah,  life isn’t  always nice.  Shit happens. But if you go with the (sometimes bad) flow of things, it’s game over!

One of my philosophies in life,  is that there is always a positive side that can be found in things. Even in the most negative situations. It’s like a coping mechanism, a way of moving on and not get stuck in bad memories.

But, there’s one more hack in the process. When darker times come, along with seeing the rays of light, you should never ignore processing the bad/sad feelings that are born out of these harder times. That’s the trick: finding the balance between dealing with the problem and being hopeful and positive (almost) in the same time.

After all, there are many colors hidden  inside black…!