Living with OCD (no.3)

OCD is about anxiety. OCD makes you feel uncomfortable, almost all the time.
But there comes a time, or at least it came for me, that you have to make peace with it. It’s always better living with a friend than with an enemy.

That time came for me after a trigger. At that point I decided to work together with my OCD. In a kind of collaboration.

The trigger that was followed by this idea was a taxi that didn’t pass my “OCD test” (well, you can’t live in a totally clean big city after all…!). Instead of freaking out, I managed to stay calm (my pills help a lot in this), not having a anxiety attack. Then I decided to open my sketchbook and start drawing trigger-inspired pieces, with shapes that reminded me of stains. By the way I hate stains, even as a word.

The experiment worked really nice and I’m still working with it. It helps me get more comfortable with dirt, stains and triggers, and prove to myself that I can create some kind of friendship with my anxiety disorder.


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