About 2017

I’m writing end-of-the-year posts for some years now. New year, new beginning, a chance to start over and time to take a look at the last 12 months of your life.

What should I write… 

Well, I’m going to keep it simple and make a list of things I learned in 2017:

  • Have patience (I have little to minimum control over things and life, after all).
  • Between black and white, there’s a whole range of all the colors and shades (this one goes for everything, from relationships to situations, etc, etc). 
  • Life is extremely short (so, I owe it to myself to live it in the best possible way).
  • Becoming real friends with myself (for real, accepting who I am, love myself, working out the shady things, feeling comfortable inside my own skin). 
  • Everything is practically temporary (everything has a beginning, and an end, and nothing/no one is forever).

Five things, that in the eye, don’t seem a lot for a year, but to reach a point where I can write them down, have tons of experiences, thoughts and feelings before them. Five things that basically sum up a new way/philosophy of living for me.

So, my list for 2018, won’t be about resolutions, but about goals…!

So long, 2017!

Artwork of the day!

One of the digital collages I have created as Angelina Mavrogianni Photography (@a_mavrogianni_photography). I usually use a variety of my photos to create my collages, and more rarely (like in this one) I add a vintage photo.

I love how with collage you can combine patterns, and different elements, all created in a digital form!

“The nightmare before Christmas” 

The perfect meeting point of Halloween and Christmas!

The weird movie with skeletons, skulls, Christmas lights and a one of a kind macabre humor!

It’s been years since I last watched it, and caught it today on tv, at my parents house (I don’t have a tv at home by the way). I still find its lines so funny and smart! And filled with that black humor I love!

Individuality,  human nature and social relationships, right?! All in there!

A few of my favorite things…!



When mourning a relationship 

When something happens and I start being distanced from a friend,  chances are I’m never going back to that relationship. It’s the same with romantic relationships. 

When the cracks start making their appearance, it’s a one way road. 

I know it sounds dogmatic, but this is how I feel. When you have seen things you don’t like and gotten hurt and disappointed in the process, there’s no need to do much. Things are going to come the way they should be!

But, there’s one important problem. The space/time in between. Yes, that period that your brain must process the fact that that person is no longer your friend (I guess that the same things can apply to romantic relationships as well, at some level at least).

There is always a period of redefining how things are going to work, what happened, what I like to refer to as “a period of mourning”. I believe that this is what your brain is doing. You have new conditions and feelings to process. You lost a friend (or maybe the idea of a friend, the actual human can still be in your life, but on a different way) and you need time to get over the fact.

Don’t worry, it takes a while, but it all turns great in the end!

First of all, it’s really important to have a good relationship with yourself. So, you can feel strong and not like you’re counting to others for approval. Others don’t define who you are. They are just parts of your life.

And you have to accept the fact that there are going to be some days (or moments inside them) of numbness.

And one more thing: don’t overlook or forget all the good things you have in life. 

Shit happens. 


And it always gets better!

P.S. And what if the end of a certain relationship is the beginning of a transformation into something new? 


Christmas day. The holidays have already started!

If I had to choose only one word for this year’s holidays, it would be “greatfulness”. Last year, my mom was already diagnosed with cancer, had started chemotherapy and around this time she was going to start radiotherapy soon. Her treatment was going well, but of course you can never be sure about how things are going to turn out.

This year she’s healthy and fully recovering (it takes time). 

I’m grateful that this year I can have my mom with me, being able to spend these days with her!

Today we have some family time, watching movies, eating and drinking, by the fireplace.