Being afraid

You definitely know that little voice inside your head telling you that things might go wrong, that you might be rejected, that something bad might happen, etc, etc.

Yes, I’m talking about being afraid. No, this isn’t a post about anxiety and OCD. It’s about all these times that you, and I, and everyone else is afraid to do something or is afraid that something bad will happen.

Feeling fear, listening to that stupid little voice inside your head is definitely unpleasant. There come moments when “recordings” of past experiences and thoughts are activated inside our minds, and they start messing with our reality. They wake up all the fear and the insecurities (and they throw parties inside your head).

There are many moments when I, myself, think that “I am afraid”.

Yes I am, I’m afraid of things happening or of things not happening, I’m scared that things might go wrong and I’m fucking afraid (to terrified) to try things and go for the things I want.

What I usually do is be kind to myself, think a bit of my fear, think about how much do I want something. And then take a breath, take myself by the hand and go for it!

After all, in life, you can never be sure about many things. Actually, there are less than few things that you can be sure about. Call it flow of things, uncertainty, life, whatever suits you!

And are you willing to lose things because of the fear inside your head?

I know I’m not.

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