Capturing souls

You know the lore about how once upon a time people thought that if someone took their photo, their soul would be captured as well.

I do art photography, basically still life and portraits. Still life is about creating microcosms or discovering them. Portraits is about creating a photo that will reflect the “soul” of the person that is pictured in it.

It’s such a special feeling, looking at a photo and realizing that you made it, you created a piece inside which you can see a real, genuine, person! The whole thing, the soul, the vibe of the moment!


Lately I have been writing a lot of poetry. I have been writing lyrics for all the years of junior high school and high school. And for the last 3 to 4 years I have been writing poems.

I never stopped writing practically (since my school years), but the poetry started during a period that I was going through hard times and I suppose I needed to translate my feelings into words.

Lately, I have so many feelings and thoughts inside my head, and so many things happening in my life, changes and stuff, so I decided to turn them into poetry! It’s like journaling, it helps your mind put things (basically feelings) in order.

Plus, it’s some kind of transformation: seeing what you feel turning into letters, words and rhymes!

The magic of making art!

The best version of yourself

Life is… life basically! Yes, there are hard times, neutral times and so much beauty!

How do you deal?

Here comes the chaos with all the “dealing” part! Each person has his/her own way, not always similar yo yours. But others are just other people, you can’t do too many things about it, you can only handle yourself.

So, when you have to deal with things, and especially when you have to deal with the not so pleasant ones… be the best you could be!

Choose to act according to the best version of yourself. Think about things, make choices that when the next morning you wake up and think about what has happened, will make you proud of who you are (and who you’ve become) as a person!

Life happens, and like I said yesterday to a friend, “life goes on, life always goes on, it’s just the people that get stuck sometimes”. So, why you should get stuck to the past, and your older self?!

Start today and work on becoming a better version of yourself! Choices, choices, choices!