Living with OCD (no.20)

With anxiety, come sleep problems.

Since I was a little girl I have been gnashing (a.k.a. grinding my teeth during sleep). And this has continued in my adult life and through the last two years of being diagnosed with OCD, and life happening along with its problems.

Plus, there are nights that I sleep like I was the Cthulu; I can imagine myself turning around and flapping my hands and feet like they were tentacles; at least it seems like Cthulu was sleeping on my bed when I wake up, sheets crumbled, the pillows in a very different position than the one they were when I fell to sleep, and… the jaw ache and possible headache or migraine!

Yeah, when your sleep is filled with anxiety, you can feel it the next morning!

Your jaw hurts, and maybe your teeth as well. A headache or a migraine might have appeared, and there’s a mess in your mind from the anxiety dreams and nightmares. Perfect combo! And some days, you might wake up more tired than when you went to sleep…!

Well, the solutions I have found for all these are massaging my jaw and head basically, maybe take a painkiller before the headache becomes stronger, and trying to relax as soon as I wake up (having a slow morning if possible). And all these work most of the times!

Until, the next time….! When all happen all over again….!

Life, art & handmade (no.1)

A new series of posts!

Usually, I prefer adding to my text-posts beautiful photos found on, but for this series, I’m going to use only my work.

And this is because this series pf posts is about the everyday life of an artist/jewelry maker/crafter, trying to make it. Details, thoughts, processes, feelings (well, there are plenty of them sometimes), etc, etc.

I’m a multitasker/multiartist, I use many mediums: photography, digital collage, jewelry, drawing, collage, and a few more. No, getting closer to 30 I don’t make ends meet from my art yet, but not giving up!

So, in the posts coming, I will write about what I have experienced so far and all the things that I would like to have read about making art and handmade objects.