Glad we did (a poem)

Being true

A few minutes ago, I saw on Facebook a video of a musician talking about his mental health. And lately I’m thinking about some people I have met in my life that are so… fake. My mind works that way, did the math and here it is, a post!

What if we were more true to ourselves and to others?

What if some people weren’t pretending so much of being someone else?

I’m talking about people that you have to get to know them really really well to realize that they’re not the person that they seem to be.

Why try so hard? Why try so hard to build an image that’s not your truth?

Everyone wants to be desirable by others, as a friend/acquaintance/love interest/etc, but there is NO CHANCE that everyone will like you (true self, fake self, it’s the same, not everyone is going to like you).

But hey, you can change a bit according to your “audience” (got this use of the word from a friend’s phrase, thanks friend)! You can be a chameleon, and present yourself according to the person you’re talking to.

Or maybe not….

Well, whenever I come across this kind of people, I just want to (apart from getting frustrated purely about the fact that they’re fake to your face) to tell them:

Just be true. You are who you are, no one’s perfect, so stop torturing yourself. Out there there are people that are going to like you just the way you really are. No one’s happy all the time, no one’s in control all the time, everyone has ups and downs and everyone isn’t always fun to be around. There are people out there that are ready to accept/love you for who you really are, not for the fake-you.

We have only one fucking self, ourself accompanies us from the moment we are born until the day we die, so why don’t you give it the chance to shine through?


Have you ever felt those avalanches of thoughts, feelings and phobias about your life?

  • What I should do next?
  • Have I done enough until now?
  • What’s going on?
  • Am I ever falling in love again?
  • Should I change anything?

Well, this list is practically endless!

Even if you’re the most confident person on earth (and that’s a manner of speech, because there’s no such thing I think), these moments/periods of avalanche over-thinking definitely come.

And there’s always a way out of them. For example, I usually try to go through it while reminding to myself all the positive things, keeping calm and planning my next steps in life.

But, the mess they create in your mind is significant. They make you feel weird, and out of shape/order, and not “in the best of spirits“! Like going through a phase.

But can you do, this is life, right?!

Yes, it’s abuse (no.1)

This morning I read the news (I rarely do that) and saw the man in Denver (I think it was Denver, it was definitely somewhere in the US) who killed his pregnant wife and their two toddlers.

I was frustrated and enraged!

Not only because something like this happened, but because I stumbled upon the subject of abuse once more. In an older post I had written about emotional abuse, the way I have felt it and lived through it. This post is the first of a series of posts about the subject. I suppose my goal is to add a little bit towards the highlight of the problem of society called “abuse”.

I chose the title because so many people don’t want to see that abuse is in our lives. And avoiding it can’t be good. If you’re in denial about abuse many more women are doing to die in the hands of their abusive husbands, many more men are going to suffer in the hands of their partners (yes, women can get abusive too), many many more children are going to suffer through abuse until they repeat the pattern either as a victim or an abuser!

Yes, it’s abuse. Yes, it’s here. Yes, it have a variety of forms (emotional, physical, etc). Yes, there are many factors combined that end to it, but we need to talk about it!

P.S. I’m not a mental health professional, but I have been through my share of difficult things in my life so far. And I educate myself, having conversations with people who lived through their share of things too, and I’m in therapy (which I think it’s so essential to find yourself, balance and peace of mind). So, everything in this blog is my personal knowledge and my opinion.