About love

Haha funny thing I’m writing about love. And you’re reading it.

Ok, I’ll get serious.

In older versions of the “microcosm”, I used to write about love, falling in love. Something(s) happened since then. Phases… to come to this day. And here I am writing one more post about it.

This one is about what I think that love is… I’m no expert, but let me tell you that I know too well what it is not.

But, let’s see things from the positive perspective…!

Love is….

….the right moment!

Timing is so important after all, the perfect timing that two people can figure things out and give it a good shot.

….madness/brain chemistry!

Why I put these together? Because that brain chemistry can seem like madness sometimes. And it’s part of the game. Deal with it.


Everything needs time. Good and real things take time. And it can be difficult sometimes to have patience with romance, but hey, (in healthy doses) can be so good for you.

….finding the missing link!

Two people meet and realize they’re a match. That sense that the other person is the missing link (you didn’t know you were missing).

….calm and serenity!

The right thing, feels right and it makes you happy, and it’s calming for your brain, and it’s adding serenity in you everyday life.


That comforting feeling. When someone feels like home.

Well, all the above are basically dreams/goals for me. So why you should take them seriously? Because I said, I know too well what love isn’t. And I can still manage to be positive about it!

Living with/out OCD (no.1)

Untreated OCD for 10 years.

Treated OCD for 2.5 years.

That’s me. For almost two years now I cooperate with it, so there’s a balance. But still, it’s a constant circle that I decided to break. The idea of a life without OCD came to my mind. And that’s my next goal!

So, the series of “living with OCD” had to transform into something else, it becomes “living with/out OCD”, the middle and most important step before it becomes “living without OCD”.

Yes, it will be tough, and a roller-coaster, but it feels so right in this moment of time.

Plus, as I always say “if I was doing only what makes me feel conformable, I would have done nothing in my life”!

Beauty found

So, today I received the Taschen catalogue in the mail! Total surprise!

And of course there was some Star Wars in there….

A beautiful behind the scenes photo….

With a beautiful quote….

And just a detail. Look at her, how beautiful she is… and always be!

P. S. The catalogue….