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Living with/out OCD (no.4)

This one is about the blue days.

Having OCD is hard, definitely makes your everyday life tougher. But I’ve managed it until now, and keep doing so! And here I am, tapering medication and working towards living without OCD.

And somewhere between all these, there are the blue days.

It’s totally normal, my brain is trying to balance without its extra dose of sertaline. And I added its “reprogramming” to the equation, by trying to minimize my OCD. So, my mood and my mind’s behavior can’t always be flawless, I understand. This doesn’t make the blue days any easier though.

I have managed to be quite stable, and it’s kind of frustrating when I wake up one day and there’s a mess inside my brain. Being prepared for it never makes it any easier.

The best thing to do during those days is having patience. They are only days, not the norm. And stay relaxed, I try to keep my schedule free during those days, and work on more pleasant projects.

And one more thing, a very important one really: I always remember that during those days my mind is acting weird and try to not listen to it too much (doesn’t always work 100%, but I keep on trying!).