Reflections (part 4)


A place called home (no.6)

Skulls and skeletons (and macabre and the relation between life and death) are definitely part of my microcosm!

They’re everywhere in the house, in my wardrobe and a lot in my art….

The things we do in the shadows

The title of this one is inspired by “What we do in the shadows”, the 2014 movie about the lives of a couple of vampires, an amazing black comedy. I like this phrase, “in the shadows”; it’s like “behind the scenes”, where no one can see!

So, some time ago, I thought of starting a series of posts about the moments in my life that I don’t usually post about.

Well, I write about some pretty personal things, but what about all the details of life that I (and everyone else on social media) don’t write/post about?! In a blog, or in a social media platform, even the posts that don’t seem curated are curated. Maybe a bit, but there’s basically nothing raw (100% real).

Then, on second thought, I started thinking if I want to share more with the world. I share many things, but there’s a ton of others that are still private.

But, again, I would like to write about the untold details, at least some of them. Because, sometimes, in the world of social media we forget that life can’t be always worth posting!

So, what we do in the shadows?

What I do in the shadows?


The writing on the wall says “You’re love!” in greek.

I don’t usually photograph written phrases around the city, but something clicked with this one.

I like the idea of love, of falling in love, of feelings about love being expressed.

And I like the game if imagining how this phrase was written in a public place, who wrote it, when. Was it done at night? Was it done by chance on that spot? Or it was placed there for a reason, maybe for someone to see it! Did that person see it? Where they a thing? Are they still together?

Well, you can never really know, but here it is, captured!

Keep on dreaming…!