A place called home (no.6)

Skulls and skeletons (and macabre and the relation between life and death) are definitely part of my microcosm!

They’re everywhere in the house, in my wardrobe and a lot in my art….


The beauty of living alone

I have a friend who just started living alone. Talking about all the new things, and how she experiences the whole thing, I had the chance to have some flashbacks of the time I started living alone. Eleven years ago.

Living alone is a privilege; it’s not for everybody; it’s no coincidence that has so many fans; it’s a great thing! It has some tricky aspects, but still…!

Well, I don’t just love living alone, I think I adore living alone! I like being alone in my own space, I like isolating myself to create when I need to, I like having my own candyhouse of wonders!

And I love lists, so here’s one about it… (some of the positive things)!

  • You can wear (or not) whatever you like!
  • You have your own program!
  • You can get crazy (or relax) whenever you need to!
  • You can dance around the house whenever you feel like it, do all the silly moves!
  • You get to know yourself better!
  • You control the food!
  • You basically have no other human being around you complaining!
  • You can have things the way you like!
  • You can do the housework, but you can not do it as well!
  • You can meditate without interruptions!
  • You can relax by having a nice bath or shower (scents, candles and all)!
  • You can concentrate in order to work (extremely helpful when you’re an artist)!
  • You can sit on the toilet writing a blog post (or not) for as long as you like!