Photo of the day! 

I’ve going through older photo work, for my digital art collages and among others I found this one! It’s from one of my house in my neighborhood.


“The werewolf rises” (a poem) 

This one is special!

It’s the second year I participate in #mabsdrawlloweenclub, an art challenge that is hosted by Mab Graves. For each day of October, there is a Halloween-inspired theme and artists from all around the world create a piece of art (all forms of art are accepted) according to theme!

I use a variety of forms for my art, so I combine them all, one day I might draw something or another I might write a poem (like today!).

I love the way this challenge brings so many artists together and the fact that people like me, can use the different mediums they already use!

Let’s have a happy/creative/creepy October!!

Artwork of the day! 

As an artist I use a variety of forms of art. For about six months now, I’m experimenting with digital collage. I already create collage and mixed media pieces from more “traditional” materials, but one day I thought that since I use art photography, why not create digital collage pieces as well!? And I did.

This one is my newest creation. Fresh, “from the oven”, is a piece I created a few hours ago.