“Colossal” & feminism

I know it’s been an almost 2-year-old movie, but I just finished watching and loving it for the first time!

The story: A woman that basically does nothing but partying and drinking is kicked out of the home where she lives with her boyfriend (he kicks her out). Woman goes back to her home town, meets old friend and starts working as a waitress at the bar he owns. Meanwhile, a gigantic monster attacks Seoul. Eventually, the woman discovers that she is mentally connected to the monster.

(Spoilers ahead, keep reading at your own risk in case you haven’t seen the movie. And if you haven’t just watch it! It’s worth it!)

Well, I was sceptical at the beginning and curious about where the things were heading with the plot (having studied cinema I’m not the easiest person to be amazed by a movie/script /etc). But in the end of this one I really was amazed!

A mix and match of reality (past and present) and a metaphorical story/urban legend. The woman is ruled by her addiction, her (ex)boyfriend is criticizing her all the time and treating her like she’s less than he is, the old friend is acting kind of weird and seems like he has some well kept issues with her.

Both men seem to want the best for her. But do they?

This movie is the perfect allegory of all the unhealthy (basically what we call “toxic” in pop culture) relationships that an individual can have. And it’s no coincidence that the “individual” in the movie is a woman.

Apart from all the references in addiction, substance abuse and toxic friendships in the movie, there are so many references about women and the things that they have to face each single day!

Being in an emotionally abusive relationship, being in a psychically abusive relationship, in case (for example) of a one night stand having to face all the negative criticism instead of the male partner, living in a society that a larger-than-it-should-be part of it believes that a women are somehow less than men, that they shouldn’t do things with their life, thinking that they’re weak, that they can (or should) control them!

We, women, have all been through this kind of experiences. And probably will be again. But the important thing is to love ourselves, and be friends with ourselves first of all, and follow our instinct, and our dreams and goals, and stand up for ourselves if needed. Or stand up for other women and people in case they need it.

It all starts with self-love.

And then there’s knowing your worth and your rights.

And then it’s thinking clearly, and not necessarily according to the “do’s” and “don’t s” that we were raised with!

It’s like in the movie, at the end, the heroine breaks her bonds, ends her “toxic” relationships and friendships, and starts over, with her own rules, taking care of herself first!

Practically the best thing to do.


The importance of beauty

Let’s start from what I refer to as “beauty”.

For me, beauty are all those things/people/anything else that make you smile when you look at them. Beauty are all the details that you can notice around you. Is the face that looks straight back at you from the mirror, is all the color that exists. Beauty is art.

Beauty is really all around us. And that’s a fact. There is no way anyone can look around without spotting even the slightest pinch of beauty (and trust me, I have suffered from depression and even then, I could notice beauty, although I couldn’t feel things about it)!

Many times, I’m wondering how important it is to have beauty in our lives?

Or maybe, a better question is how important it is to notice the beauty all around.

Life can get tough, and the world is anything but ideal, but sometimes a beautiful thing/gesture/scene can help you pause, maybe have a few-seconds-break, believe or just smile.

Beauty varies, for each one of us is different, but its affect on us isn’t so different after all. This is my conclusion.

Beauty is crucial. For our mental health, for our wellness, for keep going.

And even the daily search for it, is an interesting journey, that never gets old!

Artwork of the day! 

I’m very much into collage art, digital and traditional, mixed media, mix and matching. Always been. And not only as an artist, but in other aspects of my life: styling, cooking, etc.

I love the way different things, different colors, shapes, ideas combine to create a beautiful, colorful, final product!

This particular sketchbook work is a combination of vintage photography (the man on the down right is my maternal grandfather), patterned paper, washi tape and magazine photos.