Light architecture (a photo project)


Beauty found

So, today I received the Taschen catalogue in the mail! Total surprise!

And of course there was some Star Wars in there….

A beautiful behind the scenes photo….

With a beautiful quote….

And just a detail. Look at her, how beautiful she is… and always be!

P. S. The catalogue….

Diary (#control)

You wouldn’t guess it (sarcasm), but part of having OCD is having control issues! I’m a control freak. Which is good when you’re the production manager of a short film (did that last spring, good times), but it’s not so good for myself in general.

And as I have opened the Pandora’s box of my life, I realize more and more how much I try to control everything. And why I have been doing it since forever.

So, I’m letting go!

I’m learning to accept that I have no control over most things. I’m learning to have the patience to wait for things to happen without getting crazy about it/them. I try to relax more in everyday life.

And you know what? I fucking love it!

Less rules, less responsibility, less remorse, less anxiety (all of them things I was causing to my own self basically). That weight of the world is of my chest. Step by step. But it feels so good.

And less overthinking as well! The bad side of it. Because there’s also the good one, the one that makes me do so many things, practise all these art mediums, be super productive. This side is still going strong.

But I’m learning to take a break!

And, this whole not-trying-to-control-everything project has one more amazing aspect. I used to be such a dreamer. A wild dreamer! You know, imagination, plus faith (not the religious type), plus pinches of romanticism, the combo makes a big dreamer. And this dreamer was kind of lost lately (lost gradually, during the last 5,6 years). And here it again, I can I’m becoming able to dream again! And feel this sweet feeling that some dreams may come true!

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve always wanted to become this kind of adult. The kind that can stand strong in society, but also being genuine and with her/his own live “microcosm” inside her/his mind (and not being deteriorated by the world).

Well, I see… There’s a bunch of beauty to be found when you’re letting go of control…. Nice!

Aesthetics (a music video)

Lately I’m thinking about aesthetics. How important they are. Good aesthetics can be like salt, they give us some kind of pleasure.

So, I thought of paying more attention and gather mu favorites here!

For today, I chose an amazing video, directed by Ryan Smith. It’s for Yelawolf’s “Best Friend”, a collaboration with Eminem.

The synthesis of the frames, the color palette, the eerie element, everything combined! Just amazing!