Photo of the day!

Life, art & handmade (no.2)

*Crochet flowers I’m making for the spring collection of @daily_art_by_angelina, in a soup of colorful beads!

Life, art & handmade (no.1)

A new series of posts!

Usually, I prefer adding to my text-posts beautiful photos found on, but for this series, I’m going to use only my work.

And this is because this series pf posts is about the everyday life of an artist/jewelry maker/crafter, trying to make it. Details, thoughts, processes, feelings (well, there are plenty of them sometimes), etc, etc.

I’m a multitasker/multiartist, I use many mediums: photography, digital collage, jewelry, drawing, collage, and a few more. No, getting closer to 30 I don’t make ends meet from my art yet, but not giving up!

So, in the posts coming, I will write about what I have experienced so far and all the things that I would like to have read about making art and handmade objects.