“Shadow of the cat” (a photo)



My mama was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. And even though she then got married and left for another part of Greece, I always thought of Athens as my hometown, one of two.

As long as I can remember myself, Athens was part of our holidays. The bus ride there, and the later years the car rides there. The sounds of the light traffic at night (I was growing up in the middle of nature so it was something different), the city sounds. The places we were going, the shops, the playground inside one very big park, the big cinemas.

Later on, at 17, I started studying cinema in Athens. I knew from the beginning that I wasn’t going to live permanently at my parent’s home again.

Good things, and bad things, and everyday life happened for the next 11 years, up until now. I have reached a point in my life that Athens is home for me. My parent’s home is the home where I grew up, but Athens is HOME. It’s a feeling that can’t be put in exact words, just that “it feels/is home” (not “like”).

And part of that feeling is that in moments like this one, that I’m just relaxing on my balcony, I can notice the same things that my 6 or 9 year old self was noticing: the city sounds, the life, the summer night in Athens!

The writing on the wall

I don’t agree with damaging someone else’s property (by writing on their house for example), but sometimes I see something beautiful in the written words and I can’t help myself from keeping notes!

This one says: “One night I’m gonna gather my best demons and I will come get you!!!!” (it basically uses a greek word that means “steal” , but I think “get” is more suitable in english).

The word “demons” caught my attention at first. I can’t really know the original meaning of the phrase, but for me demons are basically the things that keep us trapped and away of the things we want; or things of the past that stay with us.

Anyway, I’m still working this phrase in my mind…!

Touching nature

I live in Athens, basically in the center of the city.

I’m lucky enough to live in an apartment, where I can see nature from my balcony. My view is that of other flats and their gardens.

And most important of all, is that right in front of my balcony there are a couple of trees that my great-grandfather had planted, when the family’s house was still in this location.

It feels so precious to look at these trees and know that a member of your family planted them, decades before! It’s a special connection.

Like the one I have with nature, when even though I live in a big city, in the center of it, I can sit on my balcony and be a meter (max. two) away from birds, flying, singing and eating the fruits that great-grandpa planted!

Hey there, birdy!

Magic does happen

On a previous post, I have written about my meaning of magic (a.k.a. when you make things happen, beautiful things, by your choices and your actions – that’s the really short version).

This one is about the times that magic happens as an impact of someone else’s choices and actions. And when magic happens to someone else, outside yourself and your microcosm.

So, there are times when someone else decides to make things happen and these actions have an impact on you. For example, when someone decides to get his shit together and ask you out. That blast of joy, excitement, like a confetti firework! It’s so amazing when something outside your control happens (something good or really good), when someone else makes the magic happen and it includes you!

And there are the times when great things happen to people around you! And you get excited and happy about them! Not everything has to do with you all the time, there are many people around you, part or outside your personal microcosm, and they have their stories going on, and magic happens in their stories!

Even, if magic happens outside of your shell, it’s still pretty amazing/ fucking awesome MAAAGIC (yes, I’m a huge fan of that Shia LaBeouf moment from SNL)!

It’s proof that it CAN happen!

So…. wheeeeee!