What’s left behind to come back

I turned 31 on February. It felt kind of a milestone. Last year, 30 was “oh, I’m getting into a new decade”, “oh, my, 30!”. But this year that decade started moving a bit faster.

I did a lot of thinking about where my life is now, and focused a lot in my art and professional projects. Until then I had created a brand with colorful boho jewelry (named Daily Art by Angelina), one with horror/psychobilly jewelry (Psycho Trinkets), was making my original artwork as Drawing Tales and my art photography and my digital collages as Angelina Mavrogianni Photography. For everyone who has a small business or who’s an artist is very well known that there are many struggles, especially if you don’t have a lot of money and if you don’t know many people. So, things weren’t so great for all these projects, or at least they weren’t as great as I would like them to be. And back in the beginning of the year it felt so right to make changes. So I did.

I stopped creating jewelry for Daily Art by Angelina and decided to create my original artwork, my art photography and my collages (plus a new kind of art jewelry) under my own name. And kept my Psycho Trinkets brand as well.

Apart from these changes I brainstormed about letting back into my life things I have let behind; basically cinema and music (the two things I have studied).

Have you ever had something in your life, an activity, an interest, that you stopped working on for some (or many reasons) and then came a point where you were missing it?

I stopped writing scripts and working on short film projects, because of a very bad experience I had directing a play. It was a big mistake to even start that project, was only 19, hadn’t even finished film school, but I was pressured by my father to find work as a director, even after health problems I had that year. I ended up stepping out of that project and leaving directing for ever. Plus, after that I realized the importance of timing, each person has their own timing for doing things and that timing is very important.

The other thing that I have left behind is music, singing. After I finished school for singing (and teaching singing) I was in a band that didn’t go so well and then things started happening in my personal life, my mental breakdown, my mother’s cancer and I basically never got back to it.

I miss both cinema and music terrible. I miss creating a story, a movie, I miss singing, writing songs.

And that’s why I decided that this year was the time that I would get them back in my life!

I started writing a horror comedy, but I paused that script and currently working on a horror short. Hopefully it will become a movie until 2021.

And I’m thinking of maybe starting a YouTube channel with covers of my favorite songs, but I’m still working on that idea.

The important thing is the evolution of one’s self. It feels good to change, and change again, and maybe once more, but have some things that work as a base for this change. Some things that are parts of you.

Those teen movies

Today “According to Greta” was on TV, a 2009 teen romantic drama. I have watched it before back then, but it was fun watching it again.

It reminded me of all the the similar movies I was watching during my teenage and early adulthood years; all the romantic comedies and dramas.

The heroines were close to my age, there might have been problems in their lives, but everything around was colorful and with pinches of romantism.

Usually the girl was an artist or at least she had artistic. She was looking for her way, a new beginning, a solution to something, and in the meantime she was discovering herself. Of course there was always a cute guy who was falling for the girl, for who she really was.

In those movies there was a lot of positive thinking and will power. But they were leaving you (me) with a sweet sense. That’s the sense I was reminded today….