Are you an overthinker?

If you are, trust me I understand!

Overthinking and an avalanche of feelings have accompanied me my whole life.

And I’ve been told many many times that I shouldn’t analyze so much, that I shouldn’t be so sensitive. I should think less, I should feel less, because life is going to be hard for me. And I believed them, and I hated my mind for overthinking things, and I tried to feel less and control my feelings. I managed to do so, until I didn’t. Or maybe these two happened in the same time.

But, as a person that has been through hard times and gloriously survived them, I tell you that you should accept yourself, who you are and not who you’d like to be. Accept your traits and love them. They are what makes you…you!

After a lot of work with myself I know I do. I can’t avoid overthinking, but I’m making it my friend, we work together to create, and to go through life in the best way possible!

And the feelings, oh the feelings…! It can get overwhelming at times, but it’s kind of amazing to feel so many things and so much, only that you have to learn to handle them! (Well, you can always ask for help and you can always do art as well, which helps a lot).

So here I am, accepting the power that a sensitive mind of overthinking gives you! And I wish everyone else would do it too! More comfortable people in their skin, more happiness!

Your mind is strong. And a place full of variety. Your mind is full of ideas amd stories amd images, and going against them it will probably only do you harm.

And your feelings are bouquets of flowers, different colors, different scents. And other times are radars, your mind uses them to catch things that your conscience maybe can’t.

Love and trust them. After all you’re going to spend a whole life, every moment of it together!

An open love letter

Dear people,

I’m no specialist, this could be a letter to myself as well. I have reached to some conclusions, I have lived my share of things. So…..


Let yourself love other people. And let others love you back!

Love your family. They’re not always the best, but they’re the part of you that runs in your veins (or the ones that raised you, or both).

Love your friends. The real ones. They’re the ones that saw something in you and kept you close. And so did you. They have seen your best and worst moments. It’s so easy to be next to someone when everything’s going fine, but magic happens when things go wrong, that’s when you see things more clear. Love them even when they’re acting weird, even in their asshole moments; because hey, you’ve done the same.

Fall in love. Meet someone, get to know them and let yourself fall for them. Yeah, shit happens, but not always damn it! There are the right people out there. Give them and yourself a shot. And love them, 100%.

And love yourselves. Love the face that’s looking at you from the mirror. She/he ‘s here to stay.

Love. It can feel so scary, but it can also be an amazing feeling!

About love

Haha funny thing I’m writing about love. And you’re reading it.

Ok, I’ll get serious.

In older versions of the “microcosm”, I used to write about love, falling in love. Something(s) happened since then. Phases… to come to this day. And here I am writing one more post about it.

This one is about what I think that love is… I’m no expert, but let me tell you that I know too well what it is not.

But, let’s see things from the positive perspective…!

Love is….

….the right moment!

Timing is so important after all, the perfect timing that two people can figure things out and give it a good shot.

….madness/brain chemistry!

Why I put these together? Because that brain chemistry can seem like madness sometimes. And it’s part of the game. Deal with it.


Everything needs time. Good and real things take time. And it can be difficult sometimes to have patience with romance, but hey, (in healthy doses) can be so good for you.

….finding the missing link!

Two people meet and realize they’re a match. That sense that the other person is the missing link (you didn’t know you were missing).

….calm and serenity!

The right thing, feels right and it makes you happy, and it’s calming for your brain, and it’s adding serenity in you everyday life.


That comforting feeling. When someone feels like home.

Well, all the above are basically dreams/goals for me. So why you should take them seriously? Because I said, I know too well what love isn’t. And I can still manage to be positive about it!