Artwork of the day! 

I’m very much into collage art, digital and traditional, mixed media, mix and matching. Always been. And not only as an artist, but in other aspects of my life: styling, cooking, etc.

I love the way different things, different colors, shapes, ideas combine to create a beautiful, colorful, final product!

This particular sketchbook work is a combination of vintage photography (the man on the down right is my maternal grandfather), patterned paper, washi tape and magazine photos.


Living with OCD (no.10)

Anxiety means having a voice inside your head, constantly talking and thinking what you have to do, what you haven’t done, worrying about everything, thinking, talking, and basically never stopping, even when you’re sleeping!

Yes, it’s as hard as it sounds.

This morning, as I was having breakfast, was no exception. I was sitting, eating, and I thought to myself “why am I stressed?! “. I continued making a list in my mind, of all the things I had to do today. And as it turned out there were no monsters, or demons, inside that list. Nothing crazy, nothing unusual, no first-time-experiences, just things I have done before.

So, why my mind was going quiet mad in overthinking? Yes, it’s the anxiety, yes, it’s my ocd, but those few minutes really helped me calm down a bit.

And I’m going to practice this exercise again and again! 

Doing what you want

There are many takes on this idea.

Always do what you want. You can’t always do what you want. Try to do what you want. Life isn’t always about doing what you want. Etc. Etc. 

Doing what you want is an ideal situation. But in life, so many things happen, that it’s practically impossible to ALWAYS do what you want.

For me, doing what you want has two parts. The first part,  is having the privilege to be able to follow your dreams and goals, having the support of you family, the circle of people close to you, even of society. The second part, is about making your choices. Yourself is the one and only person that is born with you, lives with you and is going to die with you, always being extremely close! So, it’s worth it to follow your needs and do the things you want (as long as they don’t hurt others, but that’s a story for another post).

Plus, there’s that quote my grandfather used to say… “Even of you can’t always do what you want, at least don’t do what you don’t want”. This one is really helpful! I believe it shows one of the lines in between the two ends of the subject. Taking the “negative” side of the things you don’t want to do. Yes, at least you can avoid doing the things you don’t want to do.

Anyway, you can’t make everyone happy. But can always be true to yourself! 

P.S. Here’s one more quote I read today and really liked…

“If you always do what interests you, 

at least one person is pleased.”

Katharine Hepburn 

Polly Pockets (a quote) 

I’m an 90s kid. 

Back when we were playing with those original Polly Pockets, the tiny ones, that were “living” inside those colorful miniature worlds. Heart shaped boxes, clocks, round boxes, I even had a pencil case which was like a flat inside!

I loved Polly Pockets!

And I was around five or six years old when I started thinking (and later told my mom) that we, people, are so small that God must look at us like we were Polly Pockets!

I still remember it after all those years, it’s a reminder of my childhood, and of how a kid’s mind can work. It’s amazing how a kid’s mind tried to understand size, God, all combined with the daily life!

So, probably “we look like Polly Pockets to God”, right?! 

The wings in my blood

A weird title, indeed!

Let me explain.

This morning, I happened to pass through the airport on my way back home. I was in a car, I wasn’t flying. And as I was passing next to the various buildings, the parking space of the planes caught my eye.

Even though I have never traveled by plane (yet), I’ve always had, have and will have a special connection with them. When I saw them this morning, and almost every time I see one I feel some kind of warmth, some kind of nostalgia.

Because, planes actually run in my blood. My maternal great grandfather and his brother were both pilots. My great grandfather was a man I never met, but I have heard so many stories about him that it’s like I’ve met him. His piloting license was no.5 in the country (Greece). And his brother was a war hero, who died fighting, during the WWI.

Flying was always part of the family history and many family stories. And I think of it as part of myself as well.

Actually learning how to fly a plane is on my bucket list.

So, later this morning, doing housework, I found some photos, and between them was this one….



My great grandfather is the one in the middle.

I stayed looking at the photo for some minutes, combining the scene with my morning scene at the airport.

Thinking about all the things that after all are a part of who we are. They may be in the past, but there’s a way that they keep living next to us, and be part of our history and our family’s.

For me, it’s the stories, the photos, the things that still exist in my home, my grandmother’s home, my mother’s home, that I know that came from him, used by him. It’s the flat I’m living in, which was once his family’s house. It’s the trees that I can see from my balcony, that were planted by him and they’re still here, two floors tall now (and still growing I think).

All these are, in a way, part of my DNA, part of myself, running through my vains.