When you stop “running”

I used to be a “runner”.

I used to “run” when I was feeling uncomfortable, when things were going wrong. It was some kind of compulsion. I couldn’t stand certain situations, so I was “running” away from them when I was feeling the need.

Used to.

Because life went on and came moments when I couldn’t afford to “run”. And I started becoming a more mature person. I stopped “running” and learned how to handle things, without that meaning that I stay in situations that I don’t like; I give it a try and I do make the choice to walk away sometimes.

But it doesn’t feel like “running” any more, I just walk away.

I guess that working with yourself and creating a strong base of who you are, is the key that helps you handle things and have the patience needed, so you won’t need to escape.

Just walk.


Becoming an adult

I still remember looking at adults around me, back when I was a kid or teen. They seemed to be able to make things happen, being capable of solving everyday problems. In my eyes seemed like some kind of magic! 

And basically, when I turned eighteen and officially became an adult myself, things didn’t change much for me. 

Well, it’s been sometime since then, ten years to be exact. Ten years of minor experiences, major/life changing experiences, change of opinions, neurological evolution that comes “with age”, memories that keep spending time with me, fresh everyday memories, joy (a lot of it), sadness (a lot of it as well), problems, the solution of them, highs, very highs, lows, really really lows, etc. 

What passed through these 10 years can be summed up in one word I believe: life. 

Growing up as an adult, maturing, living, made me realize that there’s no magic, the way I thought it existed. Adults don’t heve a magical way to deal with things! They only learn how to live. I’m learning how to live. And it’s very useful to have an open mind through this procedure that practically lasts for decades.

Oh, and by the way, some of the most recent conclusions I came to are the following:

  • Many times life is the balance between breathing and death. 
  • In life,  basically, you can control only a few things. 
  • During your lifetime, you should learn your limits, respect them, show to others how to respect them as well (always talking about your own limits) and work on expanding them. 
  • Much needed things: work and persistence. 
  • A very important thing: perspective.

Well, these are the basic thoughts I have about maturing, life, adulthood, these days! 

To be continued (because I need to do my grocery shopping too, what can you do, adult life….!)….