That girl (who cries on her birthday)

I don’t just love birthdays, I adore them. 2/2 is my day!

But this year… there’s something off about my birthday. I don’t actually cried because I’m turning 31, but I can definitely feel the stereotypical girl in the movies that cries because she’s getting old (plus, it makes a very good title for the post).

This year, I’m feeling a bit sad in between the cheer of my birthday celebrations.

Last year, the number 30 was a new era, was fun. This year, 31 seems weird, like it’s someone else that’s turning this age. It seems like time starts passing by faster.

Things have been happening lately, I have old relatives very close to me, relatives that start getting too old, I see first hand the way time passes. And I realize how fast time passes for me as well (how did I reach 31?!). And I’m wondering how much time I have left, and what’s going to come.

And I realize how precious time is, and I’m brainstorming about the best ways to live a good and happy life.

And I bought myself a very “adult” gift this year: a coffee maker. That’s one good and wise idea. Many more to come!

The thing about birthdays

I was born at 12:10 p.m., one Thursday noon, the second of February, back in 1989.

And I love the idea of birthdays!

It’s my special day. It’s a celebration of my life, and of life in general, if you think that we start from invisible to the eye and we end up being 29, and 32, and 40, etc, etc. The magic of life!

Maybe it’s because my mama always planned big parties for me when I was little, so my brain has happy memories to go to for this day.

As long as I can remember myself, I start thinking about my birthday on December, thinking how I would like to celebrate this year, and picking up gifts, and trinkets, and doing a little brainstorming about what has been and what is coming.

This year, at first I thought of having a big celebration, but then I decided to keep it simple. Do a cool day, maybe working a little bit withmy art, and then going shopping and eating with a friend. Simple, nice and satisfying! Oh, and I have kept a couple of gifts to open them birthday morning (an alternative Christmas day gift opening you could say!).

My all time classic favorite birthday song? “It’s my party” by Leslie Gore! No so much about the lyrics, but I like the melody and the vintage scent that it has!

P.S. Yesterday, before going to sleep, I was just watching my 2 and 9 shaped birthday candles and I was thinking “oh, my how quickly time goes by…!”.

Cheers to the last 20s and many more good years! 🎉

29 memories

Just a few hours until my birthday (wheeeeee!). So, I wanted to do a 29 related post, since I’m turning 29.

I decided to write about some of my favorite memories (in random order).

1. The beach/view from the place where I spent many of my summer holidays as a child.

2. A night during one of these holidays, eating with my parents and my grandfather on a tavern up on a hill (next to the sea). I was carrying with me a pink pencil case, but I was using it as a bag.

3. I must have been around 8 or 9, on my birthday my mama totally surprised me with a glass pendant I wanted, and a huuuge birthday card.

4. My favorite dog, Bobby, and the way he was standing in front me, looking me with so much love, ready for me to pet him!

5. When I was little and I was filling up the kitchen sink and turning it into a swimming pool for my Barbie dolls.

6. A walk on the center of Athens, during the holidays, with my mama, going to visit my grandpa.

7. Waking up after my afternoon nap (I wasn’t even in elementary school), in winter, and spending the afternoon with my mom, watching Charlie Chaplin movies.

8. One year’s Christmas holidays, during junior high (one of the years between 2001 to 2003). It was such a nice family holiday!

9. Playing the balcony scene from “Romeo and Juliet” in the garden when I was little.

10. The (beginning of 90s) clip earrings that my mom was buying me from the flea market.

11. The expeditions, in the nature around the house where I grew up, with my grandfather.

12. The days after my brother’s birth.

13. Watching movies in the living room of my grandparents, as a teenager, when visiting them during the holidays or weekends.

14. A game we were playing with my mama when I was very little, when she would create a circle with her legs (the nest) and I would sit in the “nest” like I was a little bird.

15. The mornings, during my late elementary years, when I was waking up around 5 or 6 a.m. (biological clock programmed this way basically) and I was making bead jewelry, reading, playing (etc) before going to school.

16. An Easter morning (I must have been around 10 or something like that). I was so happy to wear my new clothes and excited for the day’s celebrations.

17. During a theatrical performance, where I was wearing a hooded mantle, I was walking while singing and the summer breeze went through the hood of my mantle.

18. Playing with my Playdoh tea set, when I was really really young.

19. Bread grilled on the fireplace, and then dipped into a sauce made of olive oil, lemon and oregano.

20. Daydreaming (as a teenager) about falling in love.

21. The most amazing sea, one morning, a few Septembers ago.

22. Trying on my mom’s brown lipstick, as a child (I think I was around 10).

23. The visit at a gift wrapping/craft supplies store at my hometown, when I was little. Heaven.

24. Dressing up with my grandmother’s camisoles and other trinkets, when I was 5, 6.

25. A walk with my father, when my mom was still in the hospital after giving birth. We bought Mexican food afterwards.

26. Summer holidays, watching reruns on tv, and making a house for my Barbie doll, using her things, as well as everyday objects I could find around the house.

27. Eating a camembert and cranberry crepe for the first time.

28. When I was little, my grandfather organized an exhibition in my house, in the corridor, with my childhood drawings. Friends and family were visiting the exhibition and purchasing my art for a very small fee.

29. Going to a classical music festival with my mama. It was taking place in the town next to my hometown.


Blast from the past (1992 to be exact)…

My 3-year-old self blows the birthday candles.

My 29-year-old self is going to blow the birthday candles on Friday.

Last 20s!

Being 29 is definitely better than being 3, and 9, and 19 (oh, definitely better than that!). Things have started working out, getting to know more things about myself, put some more things inside my nutshell/Mary Poppins bag.

I have lived through some stuff, good and bad, survived everything, to reach this moment.

Celebrating the last age with a “2” in front, feels like an end of an era sometimes; decades passing definitely remind you of time and how precious it is.

But the thing is that there comes a point when you have what you need (as a mind/memories/stamina,etc), to handle time, and life. And this age feels so much like it!

I have reached a point in my journey where I feel more comfortable than ever. And thinking of that, thinking this way, makes feel so grateful!

So, let the birthday week begin!