A village & a person

I’m thinking about all these widely known people committing suicide the past couple of years.

Having been there (had suicidal ideations in the past), I have written before about my thoughts on the increasing number of suicides and of suicide in general.

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s an increase of suicides, or if it’s just the same as in the past, but nowadays the incidents see the light of day more frequently. It doesn’t matter that much.

For the past couple of days I was thinking that all these cases, they should work as a wake up call.

Mental health is here. It may be unseen sometimes, but we have to do something about it.

It takes a village to make progress. But it always starts with a person! Me, you, everyone. Each one of us should start doing something, talking, speaking out, sharing stories, opening a dialog about mental health, about what really is about, etc.

I have been someone with an untreated mental health disorder for about 8 years and I have friends who have a mental health issue and don’t continue their treatment (being in denial) guilty or not even starting a treatment in the first place (also a form of denial).

But denial doesn’t lead anywhere. And all the myths about what mental health disorders and issues are like continue going from mouth to mouth; and it would take the same energy to get to know mental health better, than creating a ton of misinformation around it!

It takes a village, but it starts from the person, you, and me, and everyone else.

The most important thing, and an idea to begin with is acceptance. Accepting that mental health exists, that it’s a real thing that can kill you if left untreated and inside a tornado of denial. Otherwise it’s treatable.

And then, after acceptance, come words, and expression, and the beginning of a dialog.

Sounds like an utopia? Maybe…

But, mental health is something that’s treatable, it’s about your brain, your body is there to support you; anything related to mental health has some kind of solution.

And even though you might think you’re alone, there are thousands (if not millions) of people out there that can relate to you.

So, why keeping yourself and your issue in the shadows?


“Opened my eyes to black” (a poem)

About two years ago, my untreated OCD caused me a period of depression. During that time, I was part of a theater group and we were preparing a performance where we had to work with one poem each.

I tried to work with some, but eventually I wrote one (it’s one of the things I do after all)….

*The original was in Greek, so I translated it, even though I believe poetry loses a little of its “soul” when translated.

Too close to home

These past months two musicians have committed suicide, due to mental health problems. The news hit too close to home both times, so I decided that it was time to write about it. 

Well, I have been there, not too long ago. About one year ago, after years of untreated OCD, my mind got really tired and started giving me suicidal thoughts. They were coming when I was really stressed, or even out of the blue. Believe me, when your mind tells you even the way you could try and kill yourself is one of the weirdest moments of your life. 

The one thing you MUST do when these thoughts come, is ask for help from a psychologist/psychiatrist! With the help of an expert you see things how they really are. Suicidal thoughts is your mind talking nonsense, your mind being tired of certain problems, your mind trying to cope with untreated mental health issues. Killing yourself is never the answer! 

Many people may say that “you cannot do this to your family”, but I say that YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. In life, hard times always appear and (mental) health isssues appear as well, but there are doctors and experts for it, to help you cope and get healthy, fight, survive and move on from bad times. 

Each individual has hers/his burden/past/memories, but there’s nothing you cannot deal with eventually. It just takes help, time and willpower. But it’s all worth it. Because you cannot lose life, all the happy times that are going to come, all the love, the people, the nice things, the moments, the everyday things, everything, because your mind told you so at some point. 

Suicidal thoughts are about problems with your mental health, and though it’s still some kind of taboo (in 2017), mental health is still HEALTH. When you get psychically sick you go to the doctor, it’s the same thing with mental health, your mind gets sick and you need to go to the doctor. After all, your body works because of your mind/brain! 

So, don’t ever give up, if you have suicidal thoughts it might seem logical to turn them into action. But it’s not! In the end of the tunnel you’re into there is light, there is life, there are good things you can’t even imagine right now. Difficult times definitely come in life, but definitely go as well. And you must be breathing to meet them! 

Trust me, because I’m a suicidal thoughts survivor!