Living with/out OCD (no.2)

What happens when you’re tapering (reducing the dose in order to eventually stop it) your OCD medication and in the same period of time working towards a life without OCD?

It’s a tricky thing for sure. There are weird moments, difficult days.

I’ve always been someone that felt so many things, and some of them quite strong! Then my mental breakdown happened and I started taking antidepressants for my anxiety disorder, which stabilized my brain chemistry and my feelings. And now there’s time to stop them (always under the consultation of my psychiatrist). My feelings have started running wild again!

I’m finding an older self, but in a newer version. I remember how it feels for me to feel 100%, but through all the work I have done with myself, I can now handle it better!

It can get weird at times, and not all days are easy, but I have reached to the conclusion that you have to accept and go through your feelings properly, don’t avoid or bury them.

And accept who you are. For example, I have heard so many times in my life that I should be less sensitive. But I can now say that this is me, and I’m learning to live!





Movement is an action,  a type of evolution. You move from one home to another,  you move between people (literally and metaphorically),  you move on, or you don’t…. 

Life is full of moves and actions. Air,  the sun, the earth, time. 

I usually find the  idea of movement a good and positive thing. But, there are other times that isn’t one of the greatest things; when you have to move away from something, or towards something you don’t really want to….