Today is a Sunday. Middle of July. And….the first day of my summer holidays! Wheeee!

Well, having grown up in a place pretty much close to the sea, I usually wasn’t in such great need of holidays. I was cool about it.

But this year, oh my, I am in such great need of a good pause and relaxation period.

In the last three years of my life I went through a bad break up, had to care for my grandma and her health issues (plus some urgent hospital visits), had depression and suicidal thoughts caused by my then untreated OCD, I started learning how to handle my OCD in the best possible way, had to go back and live at my parent’s house due to some economical issues, my mama was diagnosed with cancer and I was her main caretaker for the one year it took her to overcome it, and I saved my father’s life when I alerted the rest of the family to take him to the hospital just in time. And all these while still having an anxiety disorder like OCD, and keep working towards my goals when it was possible.

So, after these last three years, I really need some vacation. Nothing extravagant, just spending some time with family, relaxing, putting myself in sleep/pause mode, and maybe having someone else care for me for me for a change.

Let the holidays begin!


Christmas day. The holidays have already started!

If I had to choose only one word for this year’s holidays, it would be “greatfulness”. Last year, my mom was already diagnosed with cancer, had started chemotherapy and around this time she was going to start radiotherapy soon. Her treatment was going well, but of course you can never be sure about how things are going to turn out.

This year she’s healthy and fully recovering (it takes time).

I’m grateful that this year I can have my mom with me, being able to spend these days with her!

Today we have some family time, watching movies, eating and drinking, by the fireplace.

Christmas, atheism & all things sparkly

I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in any god or in any higher power.

But, I do celebrate Christmas (well, kind of at least). But I think of them more like a tradition.

I love having a colorful Christmas tree in my home. I enjoy the lights, the festive mood, the family time.  I like all the sparkly trinkets, all the food, the sweets, the atmosphere, the songs and the movies!

Plus, I have so many nice memories from past years and decades of Christmas holidays! And I’ll always gonna have a special place for them in my mind.

I just see (and live) Christmas as a big international holiday and nothing more.


So, whether you celebrate today or not, no matter in what/who do you believe in…. you may be full of happiness, health, love and whatever else you want!

There are tons of colors in life and definitely not only black and white, after all!