The declutter project

I love my apartment.

Which actually serves as an art studio as well for the past few years.

But the thing is that I have lived 13 years in my apartment; all these years while having OCD.

I like keeping things, but I am not a hoarder, even thought I can seem like one. My problem is that my home is full of triggers, many of which I didn’t hve the courage to deal with up until now. And even if I dealt with some of them, new ones came in.

I decided that it is time to fully declutter my home/art studio! Wheeee!

The biggest issue is the clothing, I wear everything only once amd then I have to wash it. Also, I have to wash everything that’s getting triggered (bags, shoes, etc, etc). As you cam imagine there are quite a few piles of clothes.

So, yesterday I started the process of decluttering clothes, objects, accessories, shoes, things I don’t usually a lot, art supplies, everything!

And for the things that are sentimental for me, that have a stpry behind them and I want to let them go but it’s hard, I decided to tell a short story about them. I am going to take a photo of them and tell their story in a post.

Stay tuned and pardon me, I have to go and continue decluttering 😊

A place called home (no.6)

Skulls and skeletons (and macabre and the relation between life and death) are definitely part of my microcosm!

They’re everywhere in the house, in my wardrobe and a lot in my art….

A place called home (no. 1)

Well, as it seems I’m starting a new series of blog posts! The theme this time will be my home.

I moved out of my parent’s house when I was 17 (I’m 28 now), to study cinema in Athens (Greece), which is actually the city where my mom was born, and grew up.

The place I call home is a small apartment/art studio. It’s the space where I feel more comfortable in and due to the fact that I have lived here for all those crucial years (I practically wasn’t even an adult when I came here), I believe that it totally shows “the microcosm inside my mind”.

So, ger ready for stories, photos, tons of color and diy projects!