Stories of objects: the loofah teddies

Since I was a little I was thinking of my teddy bears as some kind of creatures. I didn’t want them to be on the floor, face down, etc. I was treating them like they had a soul and heart (it sound a bit weird now that I see it in words, but I guess I’m not the only one who was treating her/his teddies like that).

The same thing happens with my loofahs with animals attached to them. So, I tend to keep older loofahs as decor in the bathroom. But while decluttering I decided it was time for them to go. They served me well and it was time for them to move on (so did I).

I do love this photo, all the colors and shapes!

The declutter project

I love my apartment.

Which actually serves as an art studio as well for the past few years.

But the thing is that I have lived 13 years in my apartment; all these years while having OCD.

I like keeping things, but I am not a hoarder, even thought I can seem like one. My problem is that my home is full of triggers, many of which I didn’t hve the courage to deal with up until now. And even if I dealt with some of them, new ones came in.

I decided that it is time to fully declutter my home/art studio! Wheeee!

The biggest issue is the clothing, I wear everything only once amd then I have to wash it. Also, I have to wash everything that’s getting triggered (bags, shoes, etc, etc). As you cam imagine there are quite a few piles of clothes.

So, yesterday I started the process of decluttering clothes, objects, accessories, shoes, things I don’t usually a lot, art supplies, everything!

And for the things that are sentimental for me, that have a stpry behind them and I want to let them go but it’s hard, I decided to tell a short story about them. I am going to take a photo of them and tell their story in a post.

Stay tuned and pardon me, I have to go and continue decluttering 😊