Things that help with anxiety

  • Journaling.

Putting the mess on paper helps to feel calmer and seeing things written down makes it easier to process thoughts and reach to conclusions. Plus, I believe that writing by hand is the best way to keep notes/a diary, typing on a computer doesn’t feel the same at all.

  • Breathing exercises & meditation.

Exercising your breathing is crusial when having anxiety, it’s a whole new world when you’re able to control your breathing. Personally, I have studied singing so it comes naturally to me know and control  my breathing. But if this isn’t the case for someone, there are plenty of online courses and videos that can help. And now that I’m thinking about it, I  should write a post about breathing.

Meditation is kind of the next step after breathing exercises and mindful breathing. It’s a deep relaxation and good breathing has to come first in order for meditation to work. And even then it takes lots of practise (also a post coming soon)!

  • Food.

Not talking about over-eating or “eating your feelings”, I’m ttalking about the healthy version of eating. A snack or a beverage makes a full stomach, and a full stomach always makes a brain calmer and happier; everything seems better with a full stomach!

  • Taking a break.

It can be a 10-minute break, a vacation, or anythingin between, the idea is to give yourself and your mind some time to relax. It won’t make the anxiety go away, but it’s going to relieve the tension for a while.

  • Move, be active.

An active everyday life or/and frequent exercise is really helpful for a body that goes through huge amounts of stress.

  • Water.

Drinking water can’t only help you in moments of extreme stress/anxiety, like an anxiety attack, it calms down the resperatory system. Plus, keeping hydrated is nothing but helpful when you suffer from anxiety.

  • Being creative.

Doing something creative, making art, is a great way to express your feelings, and looking at the bright side of things and the beauty that can exist in the world. Coloring, drawing, knitting, crocheting, doing any craft project is a good idea!

So, this is all folks (for now)! Take care of yourselves and breath in and out.


Today is a Sunday. Middle of July. And….the first day of my summer holidays! Wheeee!

Well, having grown up in a place pretty much close to the sea, I usually wasn’t in such great need of holidays. I was cool about it.

But this year, oh my, I am in such great need of a good pause and relaxation period.

In the last three years of my life I went through a bad break up, had to care for my grandma and her health issues (plus some urgent hospital visits), had depression and suicidal thoughts caused by my then untreated OCD, I started learning how to handle my OCD in the best possible way, had to go back and live at my parent’s house due to some economical issues, my mama was diagnosed with cancer and I was her main caretaker for the one year it took her to overcome it, and I saved my father’s life when I alerted the rest of the family to take him to the hospital just in time. And all these while still having an anxiety disorder like OCD, and keep working towards my goals when it was possible.

So, after these last three years, I really need some vacation. Nothing extravagant, just spending some time with family, relaxing, putting myself in sleep/pause mode, and maybe having someone else care for me for me for a change.

Let the holidays begin!

A little pause 

I never really relax. My mind works overtime each single day basically. If this sounds kind of tiring it’s because it is. Thinking all the time, doing something all the time, not staying in the same spot for a long time.

But, a few days ago, being sick with a cold for the second time in a month, I thought of trying to get some proper rest. So, I spent one whole noon and afternoon in bed, before going to sleep early at night. I even had a one hour nap on the early afternoon! Before and after that nap, I relaxed, got some rest, gave myself permission to take some time out.

And I was amazed by the way I felt after that “timeout”! I was feeling so much better, so relaxed, refreshed!

This experience made me think about the boundaries I put to myself, that I don’t really give me permission to take some time off from… being my usual self, from problems, life, a small pause. 

I realized how crucial for my mental and physical health is this small pause! 

And looking forward for some more, more regulars…!