Almost spring

Yesterday I had one of these weird and kind of hard days. Shit happens and it’s ok!

So, in the afternoon, I wanted to spend some time on the balcony. I go out wearing flip flops (I wear them all year long inside the house). The sun might have been out all day, but it was quite cold! I go back inside, put on some sleepers, and go back out. Still cold, but who cares…?!

I wanted to spent some time outside and I did exactly that, no matter what!

It was so nice, it was raining during the night and the sky was clear, and small ponds of water where created, and the birds were singing, and I could smell spring you (it may be the fresh air that is so characteristic to spring), the spring coming, the longer days, the different light, the chilly evenings…!

Kind of dreaming awake?

Maybe…! Maybe not.

Here are some photos to help you dream as well!

Those sunny morningsĀ 

I’m spending the weekend at my parent’s house. The house is surrounded by nature, trees, flowers and fields all around! And since it’s spring already, memories come back to me. 

I remember years of sunny mornings, the sun entering through the windows. Warmth getting inside the house. Kind of an invitation to look out the window and admire the nature, while listening to all the birds singing. 

And these mornings are still taking place, no matter how many years pass…!