A time capsule

The other day, while spending a few days in my parents’ home, I opened a drawer in the room of my teenage years, and I practically found a perfect time capsule of myself, my family and the world!

The invitation of my maternal grandparents’ wedding, back in the 50s….

A series of ID photos from my teenage years….


Photos from the time my mother was a child and a teenager….


Pieces of magazines I was reading in my teenage years….

A photo of my favorite grandpa from when he was a toddler….

Some older notebooks/journals/notepads from my teenage years….


Tickets from the movie theater of my hometown, again from my teenage years….

Two pin up photos of my grandma, when she was in her 20s, and a letter from her from when I was a teenager….

Technology and favorite bands from the really early 00s….

A booklet from the time we were still renting DVDs….

Coins from the times before the Euro….

A vintage family photo from a picnic….

A postcard….

Some photos from when my parents had just begun dating….

And a ticket from France, from back then….

Some vintage ID photos of my great aunt, Dodo….

The “happiness” trinket box

This vintage trinket box is a family heirloom, bought by my great aunt Dodo (she’s mentioned in a previous post). It was gifted to me by my mama in the first day of 2016.

I adore trinkets, and cute things, and vintage things, and color and the idea of happiness, so I loved it!

The funny story is that 2016 for me was….

….an untreated OCD which led to depression and suicidal thoughts,

….a fire that destroyed the workplace of my mother and brother and I had to move back to my parent’s home (couldn’t afford living on my own with the family economics of that period),

….a cancer diagnosis for my mom and the beginning of her therapy.

And that year started with “happiness”! Haha.

I still love this tiny box. It’s a reminder that in life, shit happens, comes and goes. And you can always find happiness in the end!


Thanks mama! Love you! 😛❤️