It’s not a wonderful world (diary)

No photo for this one. Because I believe that there’s no match. Not 100%.

Lately, while reading articles online, looking around me, or listening to stories and news, I feel more than ever that this isn’t a wonderful world.

I have started to believe that we live in a world that goes through a massive crisis. Wars, people that run for their lives away from these wars, more and more poverty, violence, rapes, murders, fourteen eyes for one. It’s no big news, but I get the sense that things are getting a turn for the worst day by day.

All this seems so sad and scary. Seeing all the hate that grows in people. Instead of humanity becoming better, it becomes worse. Instead of the majority of people working on becoming better, we become more irritable, focusing on our image, hiding what’s not convenient, and even if we talk about important matters or taboo themes, we do it in such an intense way.

Personally, when I see and think about all these, I try to see the other side as well, the good things, the beauty of things. But it’s not always so easy.

Sometimes this idea stucks in my mind: why is the world going so wrong?!


I have woken up. It’s going to be a busy day, but I try to have a quitr slow morning, casually going through social media while starting the day.

  • A Greek composer (who, by the way, was in exile with my grandfather for being of communist beliefs) gave a speech and called nazists and fascists “friends”.
  • Somewhere in USA, after the mother gifted highlights to her daughter for her 13th birthday, and after a visit to her father, the girl came back with chopped off hair (really really short).
  • Two You Tubers had a conversation about how bad (or not) is child pornography and where the line is drawn (or not).

And I won’t even refer to women being mistreated in many countries, and children being forced into labor, etc, etc.

I’m keeping things in this post in countries that theoretically have made some kind of progression. Countries that are part of the “modern world”. And there comes a moment that you realize that it’s probably all a bubble!

Women can be mistreated around the world, no matter where they live.

Children can be taken advantage off no matter where they live and many times adults think that they are their property no matter where they live.

Ethics and beliefs are more flexible than they should be, no matter where you live.

Ok, I big believer of freedom, but I can’t help myself when sometimes I come across some things. People betraying the beliefs they once fighted for; people not respecting the boundaries of other people’s freedom; people still in 2018 being so flexible about things like child pornography.

I can’t stand it when people believe in racism and think that they are superiors to someone with just a different skin color for example. I can’t stand it when people mistreat their family, the people around them, just so they can feed their insecurities. I can’t stand people abusing others, in any way. I can’t stand it when things like basically being a paedophile (for me it’s quite the same with owning/watching child pornography) is debatable.

And I can’t stand watching the world I live in being….the mess it is sometimes. So much need for power, and money, and recognition, and good facades.

Good facades and underneath…. a world much more disturbing than Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”.

The world we live in

Woke up really early today. And my mind woke up too, so couldn’t fall asleep again. I started going through Facebook posts.

First,  I ended up watching a video about an Auschwitz survivor that managed to forgive the doctors that took part in the killings and the experiments there. Everything that Hitler and his people did is unthinkable and monstrous. And the sadest thing of all is that today, there are still people who believe in his philosophy, his opinions, who hate, who prefer turning against others who are different than them.

Then, I continued reading an article about the American student who was imprisoned in North Korea and then died. Well, North Korea is definitely one of the places that seems unthinkable that exists in 2017, but another thing about this story that keeps bothering me is why did this student had to steal something from a state known for its cruelty.

The third post I came across (and stayed to study it) was about rape victims and reactions and words by people and police, that they had to deal with. Rape is not the fault of the victim, doesn’t have to do with the clothes you’re wearing, when you say no you mean it; it’s not a game to excite the other person. The shame that follows rape victims makes me so angry every time I think about it!

So, this is how my day started. And I started thinking “in what kind of world do we live in?!”.

There’s so much hate and violence and need for power, ruling the world for decades now…! And all these still going strong and probably will continue to do so…

My second question is “what can we do for this?!”.